Month: March 2015

Magic Leap: Violence…With Love

If you follow news on Augmented Reality, you may have already seen this video by Magic Leap:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.05.11 PM

It simulates what you would see if you were looking at your office through augmented reality glasses while killing robots that are trying to attack you. At one point near the end of the video, blood is splattered onto the augmented reality glasses. Man, that sucks: those glasses are probably very expensive.
jw_glassesQuestion: do robots spurt blood when they are shot? Probably not – I guess the blood is coming from the eyeballs of the guy wearing the glasses.

To put it all into perspective, here’s a quote from the company blog, written on Valentine’s Day:


“What does love have to do with a technology company? Everything. At least for us here at Magic Leap. Our whole company is based on it. It starts with a love for people in general – wanting to bring joy and a sense of magic and wonder to everyone. We try hard to find and hire individuals who bring a love of their work and craft, a deep sense of passion and drive and creative energy to every aspect of what we are developing. Love never ends – it is that deep, human part of us that allows us to connect, to experience transcendent spiritual wonder. Technology will never replace human relationships and bonds, and it will never replace the amazing world around us. But it can enable us to open up those parts of us we first felt as kids. Complete joy and wonder and love of others and the creatures and plants and people all around us.”

Gosh I dunno. Something seems amiss here.

What Should Augmented Reality Be Used For?

As the founder of Wiggle Planet, I believe augmented reality has a wonderful future. Consider how a new kind of animated content can be inserted into our visual world – “augmenting” our senses and our knowledge.

Here’s the version of augmented reality that we have been working on:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.29.26 PM

I must confess that this is not a highly polished demo, but I think it expresses true love – between daddy and Mina…and also between Mina and her animated characters.